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Google Eclipse Plugin released

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Google have released the Google Plugin for Eclipse, which supports both Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine development, with tighter integration than the standard Java environment.

Google Web Toolkit features include:

  • Recognition of inline JavaScript (aka JSNI), including syntax-highlighting, auto-indenting, and refactoring integration
  • Wizards to create entry points, modules and web pages
  • Support for running GWT JUnit tests

In addition, Google's new support for Java in App Engine is provided with the ability to bring up applications inside the App Engine environment, including:

  • Easy deployment to App Engine
  • Launch configurations to bring up existing applications
  • Wizards to hep get started with either GWT or App Engine

For more information about the Google Plugin for Eclipse, read the user's guide or the getting started guide. If you just want to install it into Eclipse, you can add the 3.4 (Ganymede) update site (or 3.3 (Europa) update site) into Eclipse's update manager. Those using a 3.5 milestone build of Eclipse are currently out of luck, since Google's feature depends on platform [3.4.0,3.5.0) and thus has a built-in expiration date.

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