Transparency: A Great Leap Forward or Exposed Artery?

| by Amr Elssamadisy Follow 0 Followers on Apr 17, 2009. Estimated reading time: less than one minute | NOTICE: The next QCon is in San Francisco Nov 5 - 9, 2018. Save an extra $100 with INFOQSF18!

In this panel at QCon 2008 in London Kent Beck, Chris MattsKeith Braithwaite, John Nolan, and Steve Freeman, all very talented and experienced practitioners and leaders in the Agile community, take a hard look at transparency and it's practicality.

Agile propagandists make great claims about the advantages of being transparent about the state of their projects

They fill their walls with index cards and charts that expose their progress to anyone who might be wandering through the room. They have regular, intense feedback sessions where they make it clear to the stakeholders just how many things they need to fix. They claim that this how maturerelationships work and that "Honesty is the best policy".

But is this true? Many of us work in dysfunctional organisations where honesty is the best way to get cheated. Surely Transparency is just not pragmatic?

Watch this presentation here.


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Propagandists? by Dave Rooney

"Agile propagandists"? WTF?

I haven't checked out the presentation yet so I might be missing something, but I would think that we're a little beyond name-calling by now. Perhaps I'm naive (or possible a closet "propagandist"), but I find that term rather offensive.

Dave Rooney
Mayford Technologies

Re: Propagandists? by Amr Elssamadisy

Hi Dave :)

This is directly from the presentation abstract. Given that the panel is full of the so-called propagandists, it was meant to be a little self-mocking and in jest.


Re: Propagandists? by Dave Rooney

DAMMIT!! How do you expect me to be reactionary and uninformed?! Can't a guy just tee off without having to watch a bloody presentation?! :)


Dave Rooney
Mayford Technologies

Re: Propagandists? by Keith Braithwaite

Panel member here.

I paraphrase Sheryl Ross's characterisation of "propaganda" as communication with the intent to persuade a group of people to favour one set of idea over certain others. She contends that the purely negative sense of the word is too narrow.

I'm a consultant, and if Weinberg is right that consulting is influencing others at their request, then propaganda is my job.

Agile Adoption - Crossing the Chasm by Udayan Banerjee

I think, "we the agile propagandists", underestimate the extent of mindset change required by "non-agilists" to adopt agile. I have highlighted some of the key issues here -

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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