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Latest F# Breaks Binary Compatibility


Microsoft has included F# in VS 2010 Beta 1 and has released a corresponding CTP update for VS 2008. The latest binaries, version, are not compatible with previous ones, v., meaning all previous code needs to be recompiled.

Microsoft has not only included F# in Visual Studio as promised in 2007 by adding it to VS 2010 Beta 1 with support for .NET 4.0, but it has also created a VS 2008 CTP update for those who don’t want to use a beta but a more stable IDE along with .NET 2.0-3.5.

Don Syme’s detailed release notes mention a binary incompatibility:

F# binaries compiled with this new release are incompatible with binaries from previous releases, so must be recompiled. Binary compatibility for F# is an aim of the RTM release of Visual Studio 2010.

Another significant breaking change is using the lightweight syntax (#light) by default. That makes the code whitespace-significant by default. The MSDN Walkthrough contains examples that do contain illegal whitespaces which need to be removed.

Useful links: Release Notes, InfoQ interview: Don Syme Answering Questions on F#, C#, Haskell and Scala, F# Content on InfoQ, PDC Presentation on F# by Luca Bolognese (beginners), MSDN Walkthrough of F# in Visual Studio 2010, MSDN Visual F# Documentation, MSDN F# Code Gallery.

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