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Moving to IronPython


Dynamic languages like Python and Ruby seem to be all the rage these days. And with the Iron versions, they are far more accessible to .NET developers. So if you are looking to make the switch from C# or VB to Python, there has never been a better time.

With the guarantees offered by the Common Language System, you should be able to maintain your legacy assets as DLLs while writing new code in IronPython. But sometimes developers need or want to pull everything into one package.

If you find yourself in that situation, SharpDevelop has you covered. SharpDevelop 3.1 if offering a feature that can convert C# and VB code into IronPython code. This can be done at either the file or project level using SharpDevelop's parsing library NRefactory.

This isn’t the first time SharpDevelop offered code conversion support for Python.

Converting code to IronPython was originally supported in SharpDevelop 2.2 and was based on converting code to a Microsoft CodeDOM and then getting IronPython 1.0 to generate the Python code. In IronPython 2.0 this CodeDOM support was removed so the code conversion feature was removed from SharpDevelop 3.0 since that was using IronPython 2.0. In SharpDevelop 3.1 the code conversion has been rewritten to no longer use the CodeDOM support.

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