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InfoQ Homepage News Panel: Virtual Panel on Cloud Computing

Panel: Virtual Panel on Cloud Computing

In this virtual panel, InfoQ wants to find out from leading cloud experts what are the benefits brought by cloud computing as well as the constraints in using them, what is better to use, a public or a private cloud, is the cloud interoperability needed, what is the difference between providing infrastructure or a platform, and how can a client enforce regulatory compliance.

Read: Virtual Panel on Cloud Computing

The panelists are:

Jerry Cuomo, VP and CTO for WebSphere, IBM

David Linthicum, Founder of Blue Mountain Labs.

Geva Perry, General Manager Cloud Computing, GigaSpaces Technologies

Jamin Spitzer, Director of Platform Strategy in Microsoft’s Developer & Partner Evangelism Group

The questions they answered are:

  • What does cloud computing bring to the industry?
  • What are the practical constraints that a company should keep in mind when adopting the Cloud Computing architecture?
  • What’s your take on vendor lock-in and the need for interoperability between cloud platforms?
  • Why would someone choose to use private clouds instead of public ones?
  • Some cloud vendors offer infrastructure (Amazon) while others offer platforms (Google), how should a typical application architect choose?
  • How can a customer enforce regulatory compliance? 

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