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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Building a Large Scale SaaS Application

Presentation: Building a Large Scale SaaS Application

In this QCon London 2008 presentation, Dan Hanley of Magus, discusses the design principles, architectures and infrastructure of three SaaS frameworks used by Magus to rapidly develop and deploy large-scale, web-based, applications that deliver specific services to clients. The three application areas discussed involve: Active Standards, Remote Search and Crucial Information.

Externally, Magus appears to be a hosted service provider, delivering:

  • ActiveStandardsthat help a company with numerous and far ranging Web sites establish standards, track implementations, and assure compliance
  • RemoteSearch providing multi-site integrated search for corporate Web sites.
  • CrucialInformation a "control panel" or reporting face for strategic intelligence gathered from the Web and syndicated services.

Internally the company sees itself as a software development firm using a common infrastructure that supports the three frameworks; using a defined, process and methodology to rapidly develop custom applications for their clients. Fault tolerance and scaling issues confronted and resolved are also covered in Dan's discussion.

Watch Building a Large Scale SaaS Application for details and examples.

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