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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

Presentation: Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform

Dion Hinchcliffe begins this QCon 2009 presentation from London by observing that the Web is becoming a major, if not the major, source of technological innovation in software development. Innovation is this area is proceeding at such a rapid pace it is difficult to keep up and even more difficult to discern the full impact on our way of thinking about development, especially enterprise development.

The Web as Platform and the consequent changes in the architectural landscape are put into context with a brief recap of the software development history, from structured design to objects, to service orientation, to the Web. Hinchcliffe then discusses a number of existing architectural frameworks (DODAF, MODAF, SOMF) before moving to a discussion of the immense scope of web applications, "My Website is bigger than your enterprise."

Components, tools, and design elements that must be mastered to deliver next generation Web 2.0 applications are explored. Example design elements:

  • social - community, social networks, participation
  • distribution - open APIs, widgets, syndication
  • application - database, app tier, client, misc
  • 3rd party sourcing.


View Transforming Software Architecture with Web as Platform, for an information packed and fast paced presentation on this critical topic.

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