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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Meeting the Challenge of Simplicity

Presentation: Meeting the Challenge of Simplicity


Giles Osborne brings his 20+ years of experience in user-centered design to this QCon 2008 presentation, that explores general questions about the abstract notion of simplicity as well as specific issues like techniques that software developers can use to achieve simplicity.

Beginning with the dictum, "less is more," and examples like the Google home page; Giles talks about the, "demand for less" and why it is becoming an important design issue in today's applications, especially user interfaces.

In addition to addressing questions about why simplicity matters and why do current design processes coupled with good intentions undermine simplicity; Giles offers details of a "Five Step Process for Simplicity:"

  • Understand the User's Context
  • Shrink, Hide, Embody
  • Organise
  • Eliminate Waiting
  • Test
before taking questions from the audience.


Watch this informative and entertaining presentationfrom QCon.


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