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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Paul Hudak on Haskell

Interview: Paul Hudak on Haskell


Paul Hudak is the principal designer of the Haskell programming language. In this interview filmed at QCon San Francisco in 2008, Paul is questioned about the language, its influence on other languages, and the future of Haskell.

The first issue addressed in this interview involves the teaching of the language - specifically why some of the key concepts (monads, type classes) are introduced so late in the teaching learning process.

Dr. Hudak responds to questions about the influence of Haskell on other programming languages and its potential use as a mainstream programming language. A number of questions deal with levels of abstraction and concepts of higher order programming.

The interview concludes with Paul's views on some potential futures and evolutionary paths for the Haskell language. Paul Hudak on Haskell raises and answers some interesting issues with regard this programming language.

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