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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Talking RubyMine with JetBrains Developer Dmitry Jemerov

Interview: Talking RubyMine with JetBrains Developer Dmitry Jemerov


Dmitry Jemerov is the lead developer of the RubyMine IDE project at JetBrains.   RubyMine is the new integrated development environment from JetBrains focusing on helping Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers be more productive and efficient programmers.

This interview with Dmitry talks about what RubyMine is and how JetBrains is positioning the IDE against than other IDE’s with a main focus on developer productivity.  Dmitry discusses what developers can use today with the initial 1.0 release, including debugger support, refactorings and advanced code completion and then talks about what customers can expect in future releases.  Dmitry discusses their agressive release cycle to get the tools out developers use most.

The interview can be read in its entirety, Talking RubyMine with JetBrains Developer Dmitry Jemerov.

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