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InfoQ Homepage News LINQ to XSD Released on CodePlex

LINQ to XSD Released on CodePlex

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LINQ to XSD is the long awaited follow-up to LINQ to XML. Its primary purpose is to produce LINQ-compatible object models from XSD files, giving developers some measure of static type checking while accessing XML data.

Currently LINQ to XSD is only available as source code, no binaries have been published. It is licensed under the standard terms of the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL).

Once you set it up, which requires studying the “readme” file very carefully, using LINQ to XSD is quite easy. Simply include the XSD files you want in a C# project and set their build action to “LinqToXsdSchema”. The code files are automatically generated and the resulting object model is quite easy to use.

Unfortunately LINQ to XSD doesn’t support other languages such as VB directly. But since it is CodeDOM-based, adding other languages should be feasible.

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