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InfoQ Homepage News A Comprehensive Collection Of Agile Mailing Lists

A Comprehensive Collection Of Agile Mailing Lists

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As a participant of the Agile community here on InfoQ, you've already shown you are interested in learning more about agile, and also likely someone with ideas of your own that you're interested in contributing back. This is what you can experience by joining one or more of the various mailing list groups that exist related to agile development. But what lists are available? Mark Levison helps to answer that question.

Mark has recently posted a very comprehensive summary of the mailing lists currently active and available for people involved and interested in agile software development. He includes for each a high-level categorization and information about the group's topic, membership, and activity level, as well as his own personal take for a few.

Mark's list, even further summarized:

  • The "Basics" including Scrum Development, Extreme Programming (the "XP list"), Agile Project Management, and Crystal Clear
  • "Lean, Kanban, and The Edge" related groups including Lean Software Development, Lean Agile, Kanban, Real Options, Agile Business, Agile Beyond Software, Solo Scrum, and Agile Articles
  • Lists discussing specific "Techniques" including Agile Testing, Test-Driven Development, Refactoring, Retrospectives, Software Craftsmanship, Automated Acceptance & Functional Testing Tools ("AA-FTT"), Test-First User Interfaces, Lean Programming, and Agile Embedded
  • A subset of "Tools" related lists including JUnit, NUnit, FitNesse,, CCNET, and Win Tech Off Topic
  • Agile "Jobs and Announcements" lists including Agile Announcements, Agile Jobs, and XP Jobs

Mark also makes an important note that there is likely a mailing list (or two!) to support the local Agile user group in your own community, and includes also a few other non-agile groups he follows.

If you haven't joined a mailing list yet, consider doing so. If you have, you may be interested in finding some others. In either case, Mark's list can help you find what you're looking for, check it out now.

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