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InfoQ Homepage News Ágiles 2009: Breaking Down Regional Frontiers in Latin America

Ágiles 2009: Breaking Down Regional Frontiers in Latin America

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Agiles 2009After a great success in Argentina, the major Latin America's community congress arrives at Brazil, integrating cultures and enhancing the discussion about the adoption and Agile methods implementation.

Last month the Ágiles 2009 offical website has been released. The non-profit congress has the objective of integrating the latin american community of IT professionals interested in learning, sharing ideas and debating the vast majority of software development aspects throughout Agile principles and practices

The event's first edition happened in 2008 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Around 400 people got together, coming from countries like Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Honduras. During these days, people passed through the various chambers of the Bauen Hotel, between courses, presentations and workshops. The organization was a success, the quality of the speakers and the enthusiasm of those attending gave as result an unprecedented event where we had the opportunity to interact face to face and begin to build our identity as a community.

Among the international experts who participated in Ágiles 2008 are Mary and Tom Poppendieck, Matt Gelbwaks, Tobias Mayer, Dave Nicolette, Micah Martin and Alan Cyment.

Ágiles is organized by "Comunidad Latinoamericana de Metodologías Ágiles" together with OnCast company:

We are a group of volunteers, professionals in the area, we seek to incorporate more efficient ways of developing software. Our principles include close collaboration with customers and focus on quality to add value to our customers.

Now Ágiles will be held in Florianópolis, Brazil, a beautiful city in the south, full of life and wonderful natural riches.

More information is available on the website


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