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InfoQ Homepage News Interview: Eric Evans on the State of DDD

Interview: Eric Evans on the State of DDD

Eric Evans was interviewed at QCon San Francisco about the current state of domain driven design.

Sadek Drobi conducted the interview and started with a general question about what Eric has been doing since the publication of his book. Questioning then moved to more specific issues like the relationship between DDD and usable software - does one increase the likelihood of the other? The issue of context was raised along with consideration of specific development technologies and their application in different contexts. One question led to an exploration of how user defined tests, using tools like FIT and FITnesse, enhanced domain driven design by offering another way for domain understanding to be expressed. Domain specific languages and their possible relationships with DDD was also discussed. The interview concludes with how DDD has evolved, lessons learned, and how others have contributed to this approach.

Listen to Eric Evans on the State of DDD to learn more.

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