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FireAtlas ASP.NET AJAX Viewer

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FireAtlas is an extension to Firebug dedicated to ASP.NET AJAX debugging. As an extension, FireAtlas requires FireFox and FireBug to be installed, but it provides straightforward transparency into several aspects of ASP.NET AJAX.

  • PageRequestManager events tracing
  • WebService calls tracing and inspection
  • Partial Update inspection within Firebug Net Panel
  • Application components listing

FireAtlas, taking its name from ASP.NET AJAX's codename Atlas, does not provide new capabilities for FireBug, but it does collect and present pertinent information in a more digestible UI. In scenarios where external tools like debugging proxies aren't available, FireAtlas is a good addition for in-browser support in debugging ASP.NET AJAX bugs and performance issues.

Also note that FireAtlas will only report all events if FireBug has been activated before the page loads.

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