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InfoQ Homepage News Presentation: Eclipse, Mylyn and the TFI

Presentation: Eclipse, Mylyn and the TFI

Negative economic times put significant pressure on productivity - IT is expected to do more with less. In this QCon San Francisco presentation, Mik Kersten discusses Mylyn, its features and productivity features, and how to utilize Mylyn frameworks when creating IDE, desktop, and server-side applications. This is a two-part presentation, with the first part focusing on MyLyn's ability to increase productivity, and the second on how to extend the Mylyn frameworks.

Mik examines the contents of a typical "developer toolbox:"

  • a language that supports appropriate abstractions and scale
  • a extensible framework and set of libraries
  • an automated build system
  • automated testing environment
  • versioning system
  • task tracking, project management system

and then compares how Eclipse and Mylyn provide this kind of toolbox and the relative effects on productivity.


Mik is the Mylyn lead, a member of the Eclipse Architecture Counsel, and President/CTO of Tasktop Technologies and he uses this background to pack a lot of information into Eclipse, Mylyn, and the TFI.


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