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InfoQ Homepage News IBM Rational and InfoQ eBook: Scaling Agile with C/ALM

IBM Rational and InfoQ eBook: Scaling Agile with C/ALM

Scaling Agile With C/ALM (Collaborative Application Lifecycle Management), is a new eBook from IBM Rational and InfoQ. An InfoQ article describes the eBook as a discussion of the collaboration and communication problems that inhibit Agile@Scale and how technology from IBM Rational can solve those problems.

The authors, Carolyn Pampino, Erich Gamma, and John Wiegand, intend the book to help, "all of the functional and dysfunctional organizations that are eager to break down the organizational and cultural silos, and become a finely tuned software delivery machine." Specifically, the eBook addresses the forces that cause division and how these forces are particularly troublesome for large and/or geographically distributed agile teams. These negative forces are countered by enhanced communication and collaboration.

The core of the book focuses on three issues:

  • a realistic scenario of team collaboration using tools provided by IBM Rational;
  • The Web-like architecture of the IBM Rational toolset (offered under the umbrella of the Jazz Project) that allows teams to select and configure a custom solution to their communication and collaboration needs;
  • and, how the open APIs of the Jazz tools allows for the integration of different tools, even tools from other vendors.

Scaling Agile with C/ALM provides an open discussion of critical problem facing enterprise agile teams. Read the article and then download the eBook today.

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