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InfoQ Homepage News Commercial Java Compiler Protects Eclipse RCP Applications

Commercial Java Compiler Protects Eclipse RCP Applications

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Excelsior JET, which has been covered by InfoQ in the past, has had a new release, version 6.5. The primary feature added was the ability to handle Eclipse RCP applications,

Excelsior JET enables developers to fully precompile their Eclipse RCP applications to native code and distribute them without the original class files, keeping the Java decompilers at bay

The technology behind Excelsior JET supports Eclipse Equinox, OSGi behind the Eclipse Runtime, which also provides additional protection,

The environment blocks tampering with OSGi bundles and injecting unauthorized code via Java classloading hooks by protecting the Eclipse Runtime itself.

One thing to keep in mind is that Excelsior JET runs on Intel X86 32-bit Windows and Linux platforms and is fully compatible with Java SE 5 and 6. Additionally, it supports the Eclipse Equinox OSGi runtime from version 3.1 through 3.4, and now 3.5 (Galileo) is supported in the 6.5 Maintenance Pack 1 Enterprise Edition. Excelsior is continuing to work on the next features for Excelsior JET and Dmitry Leskov, Directory of Marketing for Excelsior LLC, had this to say:

...we have created a technology that enables AOT compilation of applications built on top of dynamic frameworks, such as OSGi, or designed to run in containers. Eclipse RCP support in 6.5 is just the first use of that technology and now Tomcat is #1 on the list, based on the number of inquiries. 


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