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MapPoint Add-In For SQL Server Released

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Microsoft released a free MapPoint 2009 Add-In for SQL Server 2008 spatial data. The add-in can be used to build map graphics against queries on SQL Server 2008 spatial data. SQL Server 2008 and MapPoint North America or MapPoint Europe are required to use the add-in. Both versions of MapPoint have free trials available.

The MapPoint Add-In is now available for download, and Microsoft has provided a webcast on getting started.

MapPoint is a business mapping application from Microsoft that facilitates "integrating maps, demographics, and geographical data into business solutions." The MapPoint Add-In has been described as "an entry-level mapping solution," not designed to compete with enterprise level solutions.

The MapPoint Add-In does have some attractive features for development teams already using the Microsoft stack.

  • The entire mapping functionality is available without a network connection, because the MapPoint data can be local.
  • Maps can be saved with data and used later without SQL Server being available.
  • SQL Server 2008 spatial datatypes are understood natively.
  • ESRI and MIF file import is supported.

For organizations already using a different enterprise mapping solution, the MapPoint Add-In provides little value beyond quickly and simply standing up visualizations of SQL Server 2008 spatial data.

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