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InfoQ Homepage News QConSF Nov 18-20 Coming Up: Highlights and Most Popular Sessions, Join us!

QConSF Nov 18-20 Coming Up: Highlights and Most Popular Sessions, Join us!

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Qcon San Francisco is coming up in less than a month and due to the growth in registrations we now have over 60 speakers and we've added a new Ruby track featuring Ruby inventor Yukihiro "Matz" Matsumoto, a popular 'Java Puzzlers' talk presented by Google Chief Architect and Java Guru Joshua Bloch and Android Core Library lead Bob Lee, and more. We are truly 3rd QConSF will be the best ever, we really hope to see you there!

Over 60 speakers will be presenting including:

The top tracks this year measured by views to the QCon site are:

Top sessions:

Did you miss these at last year’s QCon? Here are the top 3 most watched QCon sessions on

Registration is now $1795 until Nov 13th.   This third annual San Francisco enterprise software development conference designed for team leads, architects and project management is back! Bloggers wrote about 32of the 60 sessions at last year’s event, read this article to see what the attendees said. There is no other event in the US with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the Java, .NET, Ruby, SOA, Agile, and architecture communities.  We hope to see you there!

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