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InfoQ Homepage News Three Weeks Left to Submit Proposals to Agile 2010

Three Weeks Left to Submit Proposals to Agile 2010

The Agile 2010 conference is taking place in Nashville, Tennessee this year. Time is flying and now is the time to submit your proposals if you want a chance to speak at the conference. As of writing, there are  fewer than 100 submissions, and this is with a restriction of 3 proposals per speaker!

This year's structure will be different from last year, with only three main stages or themes: Technical, Leadership & Organization, and Business.  Each of these stages is subdivided into learning categories:

Learn. Practice. Explore...
The metaphor for this year’s conference describes stages of learning. For those of you who are familiar with the Japanese martial arts this is referred to as Shu Ha Ri. These stages describe a path from learning to mastery. It is the goal of the Program Committee that the program we put together for Agile 2010 will provide something compelling for each stage of learning.

Now is the time to login and submit your proposals to be part of the 2010 Agile Conference.

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