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InfoQ Homepage News QCon London in One Month: 103 Speakers, 107 Sessions, 500+ Attendees

QCon London in One Month: 103 Speakers, 107 Sessions, 500+ Attendees

QCon London is in 1 month!  The final schedule is now online and features 103 speakers and 107 sessions on key topics designed for senior developers, team leads, architects in enterprise software development shops.  The last chance to save £196 expires in 2 weeks. This year continues in our tradition of practitioner-driven high quality content with the following highlights:

  • A Pattern Language for Parallel Programming. Parallel programming is not just a new library or a new set of language features. It is a new way of designing and programming, and often requires new algorithms. "Design Patterns" co-author Ralph Johnson explains the overall structure of parallel programming, what kinds of problems it solves, and tell you how you can learn more about it.
  • Programming The Java Virtual Machine(TM). Java VM and Language Spec Lead Alex Buckley will discuss such questions as: What challenges do the designers of Java-like and non-Java-like languages face when targeting the Java platform? How do these challenges affect programmers working in multiple JVM languages? How do language implementers best affect change in the Java platform?
  • Building Skype. Learnings from Almost Five Years as a Skype Architect. Andres Kutt, Architecture team lead at Skype outlines some aspects of Skype technical architecture - database, p2p and their web store in particular. Also the importance non-technical angles of the architect's job in a massively multi-cultural environment will be discussed.
  • Forty Years of Fun with Computers. Dan Ingalls has had the good fortune to create, or at least to assist at the birth of, a number of core technologies that we take for granted these days. In this talk he will present these from several perspectives: the forces that brought them forth, the qualities that give them power, and the liveliness that makes them all fun to this day.
  • Software Architecture for Developers. This one-day tutorial is an interactive introduction to software architecture and what it means to be a software architect. This session is about broadening your software development skills and has been designed to take full advantage of the technical knowledge that you already have; whether that's Java, .NET or something else.
  • Case studies from Facebook,, and more.
  • Track: Irresponsible Architectures and Unusual Architects.  The usual architects who make rules and build frameworks are becoming more of a bottleneck to delivering software. It's time to meet some irresponsible architectures and unusual architects, who leave their ivory towers and share knowledge to make themselves redundant!
  • Lean and Agile at the Code Level.  Jim Coplien, father of Organizational Patterns and C++ Idions talks about how Agile has slid away from broader business principles that can be found in its object-oriented roots and how the DCI architecture implements the vision of Lean and Agile in achieving business goals.
  • Message Passing Concurrency in Erlang. Joe Armstrong, father of Erlang, talks about the relationship between message passing concurrency and software architectures for building scalable fault-tolerant systems.
  •  ... and much more

This year QCon also has an iPhone app allowing you to browse the schedule by track, by time, favourite a track and access the #qcon twitter channel.

QCon is an enterprise software development conference for team leads, architects, and project managers covering Architecture & Design, Java, .NET, Emerging Languages, NoSQL, Browser as a Platform, Software Craftsmanship, SOA, Agile methodologies and other timely topics. Last years' QCon London drew over 500 people despite the economic downturn. There were thousands of tweets and hundreds of blogs written by attendees - see Key Takeaway Points and Lessons Learned from QCon London 2009 for a feel!  QCon occurs annually in London , San Francisco, Beijing, and Tokyo.

The last chance to save £196 expires in 2 weeks, we hope to see you there! 

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