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InfoQ Homepage News A Roundup On The Lean Software and Systems Conference Buzz

A Roundup On The Lean Software and Systems Conference Buzz

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The Lean Software & Systems Conference went down a few weeks ago in Atlanta, and InfoQ has followed much of the buzz since. Check out what we've collected from the vast pool of great blogs, articles, notes, videos, pictures, presentations and more that have surfaced since the event.

This editor's pick-list:

Not directly related to the LSSConf, but on a very related tangent, the Startup Lessons Learned community, an initiative with strong ties to Lean movement, held a conference in San Francisco on the same day as the final day of the LSSConf. Sean Murphy has accumulated a great roundup sheet of all that went down there. Ironically, on the same day, the NY Times published an article, "The Rise of the Fleet-Footed Start-Up", highlighting the Lean Startup community's founder Eric Ries and his latest ideas and initiatives. Both items are well worth checking out.

Please note, this is surely not all comprehensive list of all that's out there, just what this editor has turned up. If you've got more to add, please do so with a comment below. Enjoy!

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