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InfoQ Homepage News Cisco Targets Mobile Enterprise Workers with Cius

Cisco Targets Mobile Enterprise Workers with Cius

Cisco announced Cius (pronounced See-Us) during Cisco Live on June 29th. Cius is a computing tablet targeted at mobile enterprise workers offering anywhere connectivity and cloud integration.

Cius can be inserted in a docking station where it can use an IEEE 10/100/1000 wired network and a separate monitor for a regular desktop experience or it can be taken on the go.


The main features of the Cius tablet are:

  • Intel Atom 1.6-Ghz processor
  • 7” high-resolution color touch screen
  • 32GB flash memory
  • USB 2.0 and Bluetooth 3 support for keyboards, mice and headsets when inserted into the docking station
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n wireless network connection for inside the campus and 3G/4G support for outside the campus
  • Secure remote connections with Cisco AnyConnect Security VPN Client
  • HD forward facing video camera for teleconferences
  • 5Mp rear facing camera for video/photo capture
  • HD audio with wideband support (tablet, HD Soundstation)
  • OS - Android
  • Browser – Firefox
  • Support for creating/editing files and videos
  • Built-in accelerometer
  • Detachable and serviceable 8-hour battery
  • Weight - 1.5 pounds or 0.52 kg

According to Cisco, Cius has been built with the following features in mind:

  • Mobility – online from anywhere; the device has the following connectivity options: 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi, 3G/4G data and Bluetooth 3.0
  • HD Video (720p, 30fps) – Cisco boasts having the ability to carry HD teleconferences in the same manner as a phone call from anywhere using Cisco’s TelePresence Interop conference solution. It also supports regular voice calls.
  • Virtualization – provides a secure way to access applications in the cloud
  • Collaboration- a suite of collaboration apps accessed from the desktop or the Cius tablet: Cisco Quad, Cisco Show and Share, WebEx, Presence, and IM
  • OS – based on Android; it opens Cius to the Android market place, and Cisco promises to open up Cius’ API to Android developers
  • UX – contact driven user experience; this means one can open up a communication link with another worker by selecting the contact and choosing a collaboration option.

One of the features helpful for the enterprise is cloud integration. Cius has a thin virtual desktop client application which combined with SaaS is offering access to apps and data storage in the cloud.

The tablet is supposed to hit the market during Q1/2011, the price being undecided yet. It is interesting to see how Cius will affect Apple’s iPad presence in the enterprise.

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