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InfoQ Homepage News .NET and Azure Samples Showcase .NET Technologies Used in a Layered Architecture

.NET and Azure Samples Showcase .NET Technologies Used in a Layered Architecture

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Serena Yeoh, a  Microsoft consultant and a contributor to Microsoft pattern&practices Application Architecture Guide, has created a Layered Architecture Sample for .NET 4.0 which was later ported to Azure, showcasing various .NET technologies (WPF, WCF, WF, ASP.NET, ADO.NET EF) used in an architecture based on the Layered Architecture design pattern.

The purpose of the code sample is to show how core .NET technologies can be used together in an enterprise application by applying architectural design principles promoting healthy growth of the code and easy maintenance.

The .NET sample contains 16 applications targeting various layers: Presentation, Business, Services, and Data. The model diagram looks as following:


By porting this code sample to Azure, Yeoh has created another sample showing how .NET core technologies can be used in the context of Microsoft’s cloud platform. The sample contains 3 additional projects related to cloud:

  • ExpenseSample.Cloud.Service - Main cloud service project
  • WCFWebHost - WCF Web Role project to host the back-end web services.
  • WebRole - contains the ASP.NET application of the sample.

The Azure model diagram looks similar with some differences:


The samples including source code for all included projects are available on CodePlex under a MS-PL license: Layered Architecture Sample for .NET, Layered Architecture Sample for Azure.

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