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InfoQ Homepage News EffiProz: A Cross-Platform Embedded Database for .NET Programmers

EffiProz: A Cross-Platform Embedded Database for .NET Programmers

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EffiProz is an embedded database written entirely in C# that can has both a disk-based and a memory-only mode. This has allowed its developers to port it to most environments that have CLR including .NET Compact, Mono, Windows 7, and Silverlight. The next version will extend this to mobile platforms.

When we asked Irantha Suwandarathna of EffiProz why we should use it instead of SQL Server Compact or SQLite he responded,

If someone is interested in features,

  • Extreme Performance
  • ACID compliant transactions
  • Full blown standard compliant SQL support (More than what is supported by SQLite or SQLCE)
  • Fully Managed code database engine
  • Want the same database to work on .NET, Compact Framework, Silverlight, Mono, Windows Phone, Moonlight, ( in Future on Android and iPhone) applications (or Migrating database files between these platforms) (With basic HSQL compatibly you will be able to use the same database files even between .NET and JAVA applications interchangeably.)

In addition EffiProz supports Entity Framework and will have MonoTouch in the next version (1.3). Support for MonoDroid is planned for some time after that is released.

Since the quality of an application is largely dependent on the quality of the components it is built from, we made sure to ask about their testing and quality assurance procedures.

We have a regression test suite with over 10,000 Lines Of Code. In our current 1.2 release we have achieve about 74% code coverage. For 1.3 release bar is set for 80% coverage. We repeat the test suite for each of our storage layers. Again we rerun those test cases 2 times: once to test Transaction Log recovery and then to test Regular Shutdown. In addition to this automated regression test suite we also do extensive manual testing as well.

HSQLDB, an open source Java datatabase, formed the basis of this product.

EffiProz is started as a translation of HSQLDB to .NET framework. But EffiProz has now incorporated many more features that are not present in HSQLDB (for example SQL Server compatible UniqueIdentifier Data Type). HSQLDB is Licensed under a liberal BSD style license. EffiProz is free for none commercial use (Academic, Research, etc.). You are required to purchase a License for a commercial use.

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