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Previewing the Main Features of RAD Studio XE

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Embarcadero has released a video preview of the new features coming in RAD Studio XE: Subversion support, a PHP IDE, new modeling diagrams. Future previews will include optimizations and automation features, and cloud support.

RAD Studio 2010 contains three IDEs, Delphi, C++ Builder, and Delphi Prism for native Windows and .NET applications. The next version of the suite is called RAD Studio XE and will add an IDE for PHP.

The new features in RAD Studio XE highlighted in this preview include the following:

  • Subversion - Delphi, C++ Builder, and Delphi Prism  are integrated with Subversion.
  • Beyond Compare – a file comparing tool.
  • RadPHP – The Delphi for PHP IDE has been included with Studio having a complete component library, debugger, and profiler, generating PHP code from a visual form designer.
  • Modeling – Studio has two new diagrams: ancestry and sequence. The ancestry diagram allows the developer to quickly access the hierarchy of a type. The sequence diagram shows what happens inside of a method by reverse engineering the code and visually displaying which objects and messages are exchanged.

The RAD Studio Roadmap talks about several projects planned or currently underway, but there are no clear milestones:

  • Project “Fulcrum” - cross-platform application development, running the Studio on Windows and deploying applications on Mac OS X.
  • Project “Wheelhouse” – extending cross-platform support to Linux.
  • 64-bit Compiler – a 64-bit compiler is scheduled for the 1st half of 2011.
  • Project “Commodore” – 64-bit development for Delphi and C++Builder.
  • Project 2011 – Support for Visual Studio 2010 and MonoDevelop within Delphi Prism.

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