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InfoQ Homepage News One-way and Bidirectional Synchronization with Team Foundation Server

One-way and Bidirectional Synchronization with Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server Integration Tools offers synchronization architecture and adaptors for one-way and bidirectional synchronization with other systems. In addition to development tools, built-in adapters are included for TFS 2008, TFS 2010, ClearCase and ClearQuest. In order to test the capabilities of the tool, an intern is being assigned to attempt a subversion adapter.

There are two types of tools included in this project, which replaces the earlier TFS Migration and Synchronization Toolkit. Tools can be built that either move data unidirectionally into TFS, and tools that synchronize data bidirectionally. There are no specific capabilities for export-only, though the bidirectional can probably serve that role.

Though released as open source on CodePlex, these tools are fully supported by Microsoft Support. According to the release notes, these are the very same tools Microsoft uses to synchronize its own severs.

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