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InfoQ Homepage News QConSF Nov 3-5 Coming Up: Highlights and Most Popular Sessions, Join us!

QConSF Nov 3-5 Coming Up: Highlights and Most Popular Sessions, Join us!


The QConSF schedule is developing fast with over half the schedule posted! QCon will be held Nov 3-5th at the Westin Market Street in San Francisco; QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for team leads, architects and project management. Registration is $1,595 (a $500 savings) until August 27th.

The talks at QCon are chosen by folks just like you, resulting in over 80 sessions by key luminaries on interesting topics such as the following highlights:

Data Architecture at Twitter Scale
Twitter's experience with its four fundamental data types and query patterns: tweets, timelines, social graphs, and search indices. For each of these, Twitter implemented custom datastores because existing solutions were insufficient.

Dev and Ops Cooperation when the Worst Happens
Michael Nygard (author of Release It!) reminisces on how "there's nothing like a crisis to remove artificial barriers." In this session, Michael will present an experience report about development and operations coming together after a failed launch.

Practical Guide to using REST for SOA
Stefan Tilkov looks at some practical recipes on how to use RESTful approaches for SOA, including options for mixing it with WS-*, picking the right data formats, (re-)introducing infrastructure, dealing with RESTful SOA governance and other aspects deemed "enterprisey" by the cool kids.

Lessons Learned to Lessons Productized at Microsoft Developer Division
Cameron will cover lessons learned (positive and negative) in rapidly extending a product with a source base of 20 million files, covering problems of understanding risks, untangling dependencies, selectively instrumenting code, diagnosing runtime behaviour, deciding how to prioritize refactorings, and mocking complex mixed technology, and incrementally deliver customer value while improving sustainability.

Over 80 speakers will be presenting including:

On Nov 1st and 2nd, QCon hosts 2 days of tutorials prior to the conference. These are full day sessions offering deep dives on the following topics:

This is the 4th year that QCon is coming to San Francisco, it has also run for 4 years in London, as well as Beijing and Tokyo for 2 years, and this September it comes to Sao Paolo, Brazil, for the first time.  See

The last chance to save $500 for QConSF expires on August 27th, we hope to see you there!

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