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InfoQ Homepage News QCon San Francisco in 3 Weeks; Conference Highlights

QCon San Francisco in 3 Weeks; Conference Highlights

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The 4th annual QCon San Francisco is taking place just 3 weeks from now, the chance to register is quickly approaching. QCon is a practitioner-driven conference designed for team leads, architects and project management. The program includes three conference days with over 80 speakers in 15 tracks covering a wide variety of relevant and exciting topics in software development today, two tutorial days led by industry experts, and an evening open space. Attendance has increased 15% over last year, we hope you'll be able to join us!

Keynoting this year are Martin Fowler on Software Design in the 21st Century, SmallTalk creator Dan Ingalls on Forty Years of Fun with Computers, Patrick Copeland on Innovation at Google, and eBay Chief Architect Randy Shoup on Evolving Programming for the Cloud.

There is no other event in the US with similar opportunities for learning, networking, and tracking innovation occurring in the enterprise software development community.

Two days of case studies. At this year's QConSF we've doubled our most popular track Architectures you've always wondered about with a 2nd day, now QCon is probably the only conference in the world where you can learn about the software architectures and lessons learned at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Zynga (makers of Farmville & Mafiawars), Quantcast, eBay, Netflix, League of Legends, and Amazon S3.

Social events at QCon include a conference party on Wednesday an open space on thursday evening, a reception (with food and drink) after each day including a meet the speakers beer & chat event on Friday after the event.

On Nov 1st and 2nd, QCon hosts 2 days of tutorials prior to the conference. These are full day sessions offering deep dives on the following topics:

The tracks at this year's QCon include:

Agile Evolution
The changing face of Agile and future directions.

Architectures you've always wondered about & More Architectures you've always wondered about
Design, architecture, and lessons learned from famous companies

Dev and Ops: A Single Team
Bringing Dev and Ops together to work as a single team

Java, the Platform
The growth of Java-the-platform independent of Java-the-language

Architecture Anarchists
Regarding architecture; I wouldn't start from here

Learning from Experience
Covering a wide range of Agile experiences and what we can learn from them

An exploration of the current state of NoSQL technologies

Securing the Web: Capabilities, JavaScript, and HTML
Explore many aspects of web security, from specific issues to general theories

Design at Scale
Architecture, Teams, and Processes at Scale

Intuitive Parallel Programming
How can we, as software developers, learn how to understand concurrent programs?

Real Life Cloud Architectures
Vendors and practitioners make their case for the nature of the Cloud and its status as the “Next Big Thing!”

SOA for the REST of us
Solve the biggest SOA problems with a REST

This is the 4th year that QCon is coming to San Francisco, it has also run for 4 years in London, as well as Beijing and Tokyo for 2 years, and this September QCon Sao Paolo in Brazil had over 700 attendees for it's first event! See

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