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Oracle Responds to the Apache Software Foundation

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Oracle has responded to the Apache Software Foundation's threat to resign from the JCP.

[The] vote against SE7 is a call for continued delay and stagnation of the past several years. We would encourage Apache to reconsider their position and work together with Oracle and the community at large to collectively move Java forward.

However, they do not address the crux of the issue, which is against licensing the TCK itself. Oracle claims to be following the Java Specification Participation Agreement (JSPA):

Oracle provides TCK licenses under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms consistent with its obligations under the JSPA.

Unfortunately, the Apache Software Foundation believe that Oracle has not met the terms of the JSPA, including not providing a TCK without a Field of Use restriction, which is counter to JSPA's terms:

A specification lead cannot "impose any contractual condition or covenant that would limit or restrict the right of any licensee to create or distribute such Independent Implementations" (section 5.C.III) A specification lead must license all necessary IP royalty-free to any compatible implementation of a specification (section 5.B)

For more detail on the dispute, see the previous coverage on InfoQ.

Updated: the Apache Software Foundation has responded, saying simply "Honor the agreement"

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