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FlexMonkey Reloaded Released Featuring a Revamped Console

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The FlexMonkey open source tool for testing Flex and AIR applications, has released a new beta version (code-named "Reloaded"), which features a completely revamped console and full FlexUnit 4 integration.

FlexMonkey is used by both software developers and quality assurance professionals to create functional tests. The tool includes an AIR-based console that allows users to quickly create and run tests by providing the ability to record, playback, and verify an application’s state at any given point. FlexMonkey also allows users to generate FlexUnit versions of the tests for easily setting up automated runs in continuous integration environments.

Beyond the user interface updates, a clean-up to the internals has been made to improve the overall quality of the tool and added a new features, including:

  • Easier script maintenance - FlexMonkey's new console streamlines recording and maintaining test scripts.
  • New FlexUnit 4 integration - Generates FlexUnit 4 tests that can be run with FlashBuilder's built-in unit test runner.
  • Store Value command - Provides a simple mechanism for storing and and referencing run-time values in native FlexMonkey scripts.
  • Set Value command - Allows you to change the value of child properties of a Flex component at runtime. Similar to the Expression Verification, you can use dot notation to traverse the tree of objects.
  • Call Function command - Call AS3 functions from native FlexMonkey scripts.

You can download FlexMonkey Reloaded for free, and find a number of useful sample projects and tutorial videos for the latest version on Jon Rose's Blog, the developer behind the "Reloaded" version.

Also, you can find more information about Flash and Flex, right here at InfoQ.

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