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InfoQ Homepage News NEC introduces a new Software Architecture for Unified Communications and Collaboration

NEC introduces a new Software Architecture for Unified Communications and Collaboration

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NEC corporation has recently demonstrated its Unified Communications & Collaboration Platform software architecture (UC&C) for Rich Internet Applications and IT Architectures at the Enterprise Connect 2011 exhibition. The virtualized platform utilizes Rich Internet Applications to provide a collaboration solution for companies and their customers.

The corporation offers a broad spectrum of hardware and software products. One of the market segments NEC addresses is Enterprise Networks & Communication where the software architecture UC&C represents a part of the UNIVERGE family of products. UC&C targets IT managers and connected workforces as the insideCTI information portal reports.

According to NEC, UC&C is a

distributed IT services platform that operates on general-purpose infrastructure, provides open standards, and aligns with existing IT virtualization, cloud computing, security methods, directory structures, and application delivery models with easy operation and management

The new UC&C solution can be deployed on different platforms such as PCs or mobile devices. This is mainly achieved by open standards, an Java application framework, and a Flash-based RIA technology. Although, devices like the iPhone or the iPad do not support Adobe’s Flash, this shouldn’t be much of an issue due to future transition to HTML5, as Todd Landry, Senior VP of Product Management for NEC Sphere Communications, assures. By leveraging RIA technologies, desktop management for users and updates get simpler because of the Web-based deployment approach.

UC&C is supposed to be user-centric in that IT can assign different services and media resources to users depending on their roles. Users can log in to the system using a HTTPS-based security identification.

NEC has announced UC&C will be generally available later this year.

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