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InfoQ Homepage News Rackspace Releases version 2.0 of Rackspace Cloud for iOS

Rackspace Releases version 2.0 of Rackspace Cloud for iOS

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Today, developers and system administrators may download Rackspace Cloud 2.0 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch from the Apple App Store.   The new universal iOS application allows developers and admins to manage their Rackspace Cloud deployments as well as customize OpenStack Clouds.

In this new application release, users now have the ability to access their Rackspace Cloud  and Cloud Files through the same interface.   

With this app, we fully implemented everything in the API, explains Mike Mayo, Senior Developer of Mobile Apps for Rackspace Hosting.  The best use for this is if you are a sysadmin controlling resources on our cloud. Get this app and something like iSSH, and then you have everything you need to [manage your Cloud Servers].


  • Support for multiple accounts and endpoints
  • Data for your servers is now stored locally
  • Passcode lock with data-wipe
  • Create up to 10 Chef boot-strapped servers at once
  • Ping an IP address from 50 locations around the world or punch out to an SSH application and connect to it
  • Detailed error handling built into the application
  • Full access to status RSS feeds
  • CDN support for Cloud Files
  • Fully manage Cloud Servers
  • View API rate limits

Rackspace Cloud 2.0 is open source and part of the OpenStack project, the foundation of the Rackspace Cloud.  The source code to the OpenStack iOS app is available here. .

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