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InfoQ Homepage News RightScale Offers a PaaS Based on Zend PHP

RightScale Offers a PaaS Based on Zend PHP

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RightScale and Zend have teamed up to offer a PaaS for deploying, managing and running PHP applications in the cloud. Currently available only on Amazon AWS, the PHP Solution Pack will be made available for other cloud providers in the future.

RightScale and Zend have announced the availability of “RightScale Zend PHP High Availability Solution Pack”, a platform solution for enterprise PHP applications deployed and managed in the cloud. The Zend PHP Solution Pack consists of a multi-server cluster based on a 3-tier architecture built on a number of Zend Servers, a Zend cluster manager, load balancers and a MySQL master/slave pair. RightScale says the production-ready environment can be set up with triggers to automatically scale out/in when the demand increases/decreases, and it provides high availability through redundancy at infrastructure and application level. The application runs simultaneously on multiple servers in a cluster, and a server is automatically changed if it becomes unresponsive.

The PHP Solution Pack comes with a standardized environment including Zend’s open source framework, and setting it up is facilitated by RightScale’s onboarding service, a step-by-step coaching program guiding the user in setting the environment up and deploying the PHP applications.

RightScale has had a Development and Testing Solution Pack including support for PHP, Java, Ruby and .NET, and the high interest in PHP and cloud prompted them to offer this new solution pack:

Zend PHP is important to us because 37% of our customers use PHP, which is to be expected given that apparently roughly a third of the web runs on PHP and there are 4 million PHP developers!

MorphLabs, PHPFog and Orchestra are all offering PHP PaaS environments, but RightScale’s solution is different due to their ability to transparently deploy images to different cloud providers as the customer chooses. Currently, they provide the PHP Solution Pack only on Amazon AWS, but they say they will target other clouds soon. RightScale is known for their ability to manage cloud solutions across multiple cloud hosts, platforms and hypervisors, such as Amazon, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure,, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, VMware, XenServer, and KVM. Additionally, Zend provides transparent updates and patches of their software.

The PHP Solution Pack is priced at $2,400/mo with Gold Support, $4,000/mo with Platinum Support for 10 users.

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