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InfoQ Homepage News Carlos Figueira Explains WCF Extensibility

Carlos Figueira Explains WCF Extensibility


Windows Communication Foundation offers an amazing variety of extension points but due to limited documentation most developers treat it as a black box. There is some information in MSDN, but it is far from adequate. Carlos Figueira intends to change this with a series of articles on WCF Extensibility.

Carlos has already posted four chapters on behaviors and service model extensibility. After discussing each of the behavior interfaces in depth, he provides a real-world example of building your extension. The scenarios he covers so far include:

POCO Service Host: Demonstrates offering a service without the need for ServiceContract attributes.

Alternate Serializers: Replace the default DataContractSerializer with XmlSerializer or NetDataContractSerializer

Endpoint Help Page: Create a new help page when users access the service via a web browser

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