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Eclipse on GitHub

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First Haskell, and now Eclipse moves to GitHub. Only true Git repositories are being mirrored to GitHub, but there's more than 70 repositories already created at the Eclipse Foundation page on GitHub. With EGit 0.11 being released as part of 3.6.2 and aiming for a 1.0 release in Eclipse 3.7, there's more demand than ever to move to Git for Eclipse projects. As Chris Aniszczyk announced:

I'm happy to announce we finally setup mirroring of repositories on GitHub.

I think this is an important step to making the codebase more accessible for people to fork and contribute changes. If you’re an project accepting changes from someone on GitHub, please check the official policy on handling Git contributions.

With around a quarter of projects already having made the move to Git (and therefore visible on GitHub), the pace of transition has sped up dramatically in the last six months. With the popularity of the EGit tutorial at EclipseCon, it is likely that many more will follow suit. Having said that, the Eclipse release train means that projects are less likely to switch over before the 3.7 switch if they haven't done so already.

In other Eclipse news, the Tycho project is in process of moving over to the Eclipse foundation, and has created a tycho-user and tycho-dev mailing lists. Several projects have seen how easy it is to get PDE projects building with Tycho, and have transitioned the build platform as well as their repository.

Are you more likely to contribute towards Eclipse now that the transition is towards Git and GitHub?

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