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InfoQ Homepage News Spec Explorer 2010 Version 3.5 Adds Improved Change Detection, Batch Processing

Spec Explorer 2010 Version 3.5 Adds Improved Change Detection, Batch Processing

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Microsoft recently announced the release of Spec Explorer 2010 version 3.5. This extension for Visual Studio allows users to generate reusable test code and create, analyze and reproduce graphical models of software behavior. Spec Explorer models can be created either by writing rules in C#, or by defining action patterns using regular expressions. 

In addition to several bug fixes and documentation improvements, this release of Spec Explorer includes three enhanced features:
Model Change Detecting
This feature tracks all updates to a model, and automatically triggers a new exploration if changes are found. This will save time by avoiding extraneous validation. (Users are also able to force a new exploration at any time.)
Multiple Machine Processing
Users can now select multiple machines in Exploration Manager and perform batch processes (such as exploration or test code generation) on all of them at once.
Cord Context Menu
This is a new feature in the Cord editor. The “Go To Definition” context menu now navigates to a specific configuration or machine.
Spec Explorer 3.5 is only compatible with Visual Studio 2010, and can be downloaded from the Visual Studio Power Tools Gallery.

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