Upcoming Agile Conferences

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Many major agile conferences this time of year give you an opportunity to find one that fits your needs.

The United States Scrum Gathering will be held on May 16th through 18th in Seattle, Wash. The first two days are 90 minute sessions with seven running concurrently. The third day is open space where everyone gets a chance to present. Keynotes will be delivered by Bryan Stallings, Michal Cohn, Steve Denning, Steve McConnell and Joe Justice.

On June 5th the Agile Development Practices West conference starts in Las Vegas, Nev. The first three days, Sunday through Tuesday, consists of courses and workshops. Wednesday and Thursday are 75 minute sessions along a number of specialty tracks. The closing on Friday is an Agile Leadership Summit by the APLN, chaired by Linda Cook. Keynotes presentations include Geoff Bellman and Linda Rising.

Agile 2011 is being held in Salt Lake City, Utah this year to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Agile Software Development Manifesto (created in 2001 at Snowbird ski resort in Utah). The conference begins on Monday August 8th and ends on Friday August 12th. The first day consists of short (60 or 90 minute) tutorial sessions. The first keynote is on Tuesday by Barbara Fredrickson. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday there are numerous concurrent sessions across 17 different tracks. Friday’s session ends at 12:00 PM after keynotes from Kevlin Henney and Linda Rising.

Agile Eastern Europe is being held in Kyiv on September 23rd and 24th. The program is scheduled to be published on May 30th. Keynote speakers include Alistar Cockburn, J. B. Rainsberger and Jurgen Appelo.

The Agile Prague Conference is being held in Prague on September 29th and 30th. The theme will be "Agile Adoption Process" with a focus on "Selling Agile to Management".

Lean & Kanban 2011 Benelux is being held in Anwerp on October 3rd and 4th. The current list of speakers includes David J. Anderson, Don Reinersten and Alan Shalloway.

There are two agile conferences in London in October. On October 4th the three-day Agile Business Conference starts. It is quickly followed by the three-day Scrum Gathering London which starts on October 11th.

Check local user groups for other local, national and international conferences in your area.

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Agile Brazil Conference by Camilo Almendra

On June 27th through July 1st, the Agile Brazil conference will be held in the Northeastern city of Fortaleza. More info on:

Scrum China Regional Conference - Shanghai 24/25 June by Mak Steven

There will be Scrum China Regional Conference in Shanghai. Details can be found here:

Confirmed Keynote Speakers include:

- Mike Beedle: Enterprise Agile
- Gerard Meszaros: Keeping Software Soft
- Dave Farley: Agile Development - The application of scientific method to software development
- Vernon Stinebaker: Demanding Technical Excellence

New agile conferences appear every day... by Marcin Niebudek

There are tones of new conferences (including the agile ones) appearing every day. Especially in Europe where a lot of new (1st edition) conferences has been scheduled for this year. Just take a look at:

Agiles 2011 (4th Latin American Conference on Agile Methodologies) by Juan Jose Zapico

Ágiles 2011, the 4<sup>th</sup> Latin American Conference on Agile Methodologies, is being held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 11<sup>st</sup> through 13<sup>rd</sup>. During the conference Jeff Patton and James Shore will be present as keynote speakers.

The conference website is available at where interested parties can access relevant information and the latest news from the conference.

Re: Agile Brazil Conference by David Bulkin

Thanks for providing this information. In checking the site the keynote speakers are Jim Highsmith, Vinícius Teles and Joshua Kerievsky.

Re: New agile conferences appear every day... by David Bulkin


Thanks for providing this link as it will help our readers find conferences of interest to them.

Re: Scrum China Regional Conference - Shanghai 24/25 June by David Bulkin


Thanks for providing the link. It should be noted that the call for presentations is still open for those who want to present. It was interesting to note the mix of both Chinese and English in the call for presentations.

Re: Agiles 2011 (4th Latin American Conference on Agile Methodologies) by David Bulkin


Thanks for providing this link.

Based on review of the website the keynotes are James Shore and Jeff Patton. It should also be noted that for those interested in speaking the call for papers is still open.

Agile Development Practices West by Jaclyn Sparks

Please identify that this is for 2012 and not 2011

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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Email me replies to any of my messages in this thread

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