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InfoQ Homepage News Sending Richly Formatted Emails with .NET

Sending Richly Formatted Emails with .NET

Richly formatted emails can require quite a bit of CSS, but since email clients don’t always handle CSS well the styles need to be inlined. With Ruby this is easily handled with the Alex Dunae’s Premailer library, but calling it from .NET isn’t palatable to most developers. So Martin H. Normark built a .NET version called PreMailer.NET.

PreMailer.Net is based on code from these two projects:

For those who would like to try the original you can check out Kevin Blake’s introduction on executing Ruby code from .NET. Changes to Premailer may be needed to support the IronRuby runtime.

The original Premailer is licensed under the BSD 3-Clause License. Premailer.NET doesn’t include a license.

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