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InfoQ Homepage News Visual Studio Database Development with SQL Server "Juneau"

Visual Studio Database Development with SQL Server "Juneau"


SQL Server Development Tools (SSDT), codenamed "Juneau", provide a new Visual Studio-based development environment for SQL Server. SSDT will feature an array of tools beyond those provided in SQL Server Management Studio, for both application and data developers.

Some of these tools are already available in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, but SSDT includes some key new additions. Features of Juneau include:

  • Both connected and offline database development
  • Entity Framework integration
  • Platform-specific debugging and validation
  • Integrated application and database development
  • Visual table designer
  • Integration with SQLCLR
  • Direct output to a data tier application package (DACPAC)
  • Deployment to any current edition of SQL Server, including SQL Azure

The biggest new introduction to SSDT is the close integration of Database and Application Projects in Visual Studio. According to Microsoft:

Whether you are working on an application, class or web project, you can create an ADO.NET Entity Data Model and choose to have the model contents generated from an existing database project. You can then control how the entities are mapped to database objects (e.g., tables, columns and store procedures) in the project.

Developers can then use the Entity Designer to specify synchronization options between the database and application layers, and debug both at the same time.

The Server Explorer / Table Designer in SSDT looks similar to SQL Server Management Studio, but integrates familiar features of the Visual Studio editor like IntelliSense, contextual menus, "Go To Definition" and "Find All References." Errors are highlighted immediately, rather than after execution. Each time a developer commits changes to the database, SSDT automatically generates a change script as well.

SQL Server 11 (codenamed "Denali") CTP1 does not include SSTP, but Microsoft says that it should be included in the next CTP release. 

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