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Mono Status Report and Consulting Opportunities

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Development continues on Mono under Miguel’s new company, Xamarin. But while they frantically work on recreating the mobile offerings lost during the Novell acquisition, users of desktop and server-side Mono continue to need services.

Xamarin is currently being “flooded with paid support requests for Mono”. Since they are focusing on being a “product company as opposed to a support company”, they are looking for Mono consultants to do custom engineering for these companies. Those looking to take advantage of this opportunity should contact Xamarin via the above link.

Though focused on the replacement for MonoTouch and Mono for Android, Xamarin is continuing to make improvements to the upcoming Mono 2.12. Miguel cites several road blocks are in the way including:

(a) We need to be able to build packages
(b) We need to be able to host the software
(c) We need to adopt the branching and release procedures.

Another casualty of the Novell acquisition was Mono’s build manager. Alex Corrado recently stepped up to the plate and has already created a new build system for Linux and MacOS. Miguel continues,

Once we have packages, we will setup a new website for the Mono project where we can host the software and the other project resources, like a wiki, forums, etc. So we are working on a separate domain to host both a Mono web site and the software, and that should be up in the next week or two.

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