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InfoQ Homepage News F#, MongoDB, ReactiveUI, Coroutines: Just Some of the Topics at Monospace 2011

F#, MongoDB, ReactiveUI, Coroutines: Just Some of the Topics at Monospace 2011

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Located at the Microsoft NERD Center located in Boston, Monospace 2011 will be covering a wide variety of topics ranging from mobile platforms to enterprise systems. Featuring 17 speakers, this is an essential conference for anyone looking to use C# beyond the Windows platform.

In the area of high performance computing Svein Ackenhausen will be talking about asynchronous message passing while Arne Claassen covers “coroutines, as implemented in MindTouch's DReAM framework” and C# 5’s async/await constructs.

On the data access front Justin Dearing talks about MongoDB on Mono and Jason Sirota explains how to asynchronously cache data using Ketchup and Membase on top of memcached.

Andreia Gaita will be talking about the interoperability problem with C++ and Mono.

In the mobile space Frank Krueger has a general interest presentation titled “Problems and Solutions for Mobile App Developers”. Greg Shackles focuses on Mono and its role in Android development.

F# isn’t being left out either. Richard Minerich discusses how the open source language F# relates to Mono and Joe Pamer offers a tour of its compiler.

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