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InfoQ Homepage News ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec Announce JRebel for MyEclipse

ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec Announce JRebel for MyEclipse

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ZeroTurnaround and Genuitec have announced the availability of JRebel for MyEclipse. JRebel is a popular JVM plugin which permits code modifications without the need for a full redeployment.

MyEclipse provides integration with enterprise servers, such as IBM's WebSphere and Oracle's WebLogic, including open-source servers such as JBoss and Tomcat. The integration of JRebel into the IDE allows seamless code changes without the need for a redeployment. Jevgeni Kabanov, ZeroTurnaround's CTO and co-founder, describes the combination as "an easy-to-setup plug-in that brings JRebel functionality and specialized integration to Genuitec’s MyEclipse IDE.”

JRebel allows redeploys of changes to Java code without the need to take down the Java application. However, unlike debug changes in Eclipse, JRebel also picks up changes to specific framework and enterprise Java code, such as JSPs and Spring configuration files. JRebel homepage claims that 35m redeploys have been prevented using the technology.

MyEclipse provides JSP deployment and editing of Spring configuration files, and whenever files are changed inside the IDE, JRebel picks up the changes and makes then available in the target Java application. Todd Williams of Genuitec says:

It's not often we see new technologies that live up to their marketing-speak, though with JRebel we see a tremendous value-add for our customers. Any technology that increases developer productivity fits into the MyEclipse development model perfectly, as is seen with the impressive ability of JRebel to save measurable time on application redeploys.

As part of the collaboration, JRebel for MyEclipse is available at a discount to the regular JRebel price. In addition, a free 30-day trial is available at JRebel's website, with an annual subscription support contract. Free licenses are offered for Open-Source and Scala projects. A free webinar will be presented on the 4th August to give a first-hand look at the JRebel and MyEclipse integration, although a video demo is already available.

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