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InfoQ Homepage News Extended WPF Toolkit v1.5 Adds Six New Controls

Extended WPF Toolkit v1.5 Adds Six New Controls

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The Extended WPF Toolkit version 1.5 is now available. This open-source project is a compilation of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls, utilities, and components not included in the standard WPF Toolkit. Some of the items are new in this release, and some have been ported from the Silverlight Toolkit.

Extended WPF Toolkit 1.5 has six new controls in addition to some control updates and bug fixes. The new controls are:

  • CheckListBox - a ListBox with a CheckBox preceding each item
  • CollectionEditor - used to edit the items in a Collection; the new CollectionEditorDialog is a window containing the CollectionEditor
  • DropDownButton - a button that displays a dropdown when clicked; the dropdown can contain any custom content
  • MultiLineTextEditor - a ComboBox that displays a resizable text editor window within a dropdown
  • PrimitiveTypeCollectionEditor - an editor for an IList of primitive types
  • Wizard - a tool for creating Wizards

The toolkit also includes a sample application that includes demos of the new controls. It is available for download from CodePlex or NuGet.

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