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InfoQ Homepage News Gorilla Logic Release FlexMonkey 5, Open Source Testing Tool for Adobe Flex and AIR

Gorilla Logic Release FlexMonkey 5, Open Source Testing Tool for Adobe Flex and AIR

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Gorilla Logic have today announced the availability of FlexMonkey 5, their open source automated testing tool for Adobe Flex and AIR. The project includes an AIR based console that allows users to quickly create and run user interface tests by providing the ability to record, playback, and verify Flex visual components. FlexMonkey 5 represents a major re-write of the FlexMonkey tool, resulting in better performance and increased reliability, according to the company. It has been in beta since the spring.

New enhancements in this release include:

  • A new console interface
  • A new test execution model based on FlexUnit 4
  • New SetProperty, StoreValue, and CallFunction commands
  • A new test-code generation model, intended to better support the customisation of generated code

Being built on top of FlexUnit means that FlexMonkey is integrated into both Ant and Maven via flex-mojos. This allows scripts, which are generated using ActionScript, to be triggered from many well known integration servers such as CruiseControl and Hudson/Jenkins. An additional plug-in, FlexMonkium adds FlexMonkey recording and playback to Selenium, and generates JUnit test scripts for Selenium RC. This allows FlexMonkey to be used for testing applications that have a mixture of HTML and Flex components, for example.

Version 5 supports Flex versions 3, 4 and 4.5. It is upward-compatible for tests recorded with FlexMonkey 4.1. The FlexMonkey development team intends to support the 4.1.x version for sustaining development for six months. It can be downloaded here.

In addition to FlexMonkey, Gorilla Logic recently released FoneMonkey 5, bringing record and playback automated testing capabilities to the iPhone and iPad. FoneMonkey runs on top of OCUnit, and uses Objective-C as its scripting language.

Gorilla Logic was founded in 2002 by ex-Sun Execs. It is privately held, employing around 50 people. It is primarily an enterprise application consultancy firm. Clients include JPMorgan, UBS, Citi Group, Western Asset, Credit Suisse, eBay, Skype and Oracle.

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