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InfoQ Homepage News MonoDevelop 2.6 Adds Git, Mac Support

MonoDevelop 2.6 Adds Git, Mac Support

Version 2.6 of MonoDevelop, the open-source IDE for .NET and Mono development, is now available. This version includes several new features, the most notable of which are support for Git revision control, and support for the Mac platform via the MonoMac add-in.

MonoDevelop 2.6 adds the same basic Git functionality that is already included for Subversion, plus new Git-specific features for branch and repository management, merging, and saving to the working directory. There are also new views for blaming, logging, and viewing changes, as well as a conflict-resolution dialog.

New support for MonoMac allows developers to build Cocoa applications, and includes new native OSX dialogs. In addition, this version of MonoDevelop integrates several editors that used to require different versions of the IDE, for MonoTouch, MonoDroid, Gtk# and ASP.NET.

Other updates in MonoDevelop 2.6 include:

  • User-defined policies
  • Support for .NET 4.0 projects
  • Rewritten MCS-based parser for C#
  • Improved XML editing
  • Updates to the debugger
  • New add-in manager

The MonoDevelop site has a complete list of updates.

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