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Numerical Computing with F#

F# is emerging as a great choice for Numerical computing. Reasons? Functional design, libraries such as PowerPack, MathProvider and Math.NET and the interoperability of the .NET Framework.

F# PowerPack is a collection of libraries and tools for F# provided by Microsoft. It brings additional types, lexer and parser generation tools, document generator, enhancements to Async and Parallel capabilities and more.  Tomas Petricek has written a series of articles on numeric types provided by PowerPack -

There is also a set of samples and tutorials on MSDN on the same topic.

Other libraries that are useful for dealing with Numerics in F# -

  • MathProvider brings linear algebra to F# by providing a wrapper for native BLAS and LAPACK runtimes. 
  • Math.NET Numerics provides methods and algorithms for various scientific and engineering numeric computations, such as special functions, probability models, integral transforms, etc. MSDN has a tutorial on how to use Math.NET numerics in F#.

F# is often compared with other numerical computing languages like R and MATLAB. However, .NET applications can call both MATLAB and R and this allows F# to be used alongside special purpose languages to get the best of both worlds.

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