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InfoQ Homepage News Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Released for Public Feedback

Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge Released for Public Feedback

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In August 2010 the International Institute for Business Analysis anounced the first content for the Agile Extension to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge® (BABOK®).  

Following the release of the initial draft, the team of volunteers have now produced the first full draft of the Agile Extension which was made available for download from 9 November 2011.  

Practitioners and interested parties are asked to download the Extension and to provide feedback by 31 January 2012.

The Agile Extension is a joint program of the IIBA(r) and the Agile Alliance 

Kevin Brenan, IIBA® Chief Business Analyst and EVP says:

This new version of the Agile Extension will help business analysts deliver valuable business knowledge to agile software developers quickly and effectively. The tool contains ideas that will be useful to all business analysts, even if they don’t work in an agile environment. 

This new release of the Agile Extension offers information on business analysis in agile lifecycles; the mapping of information back to the BABOK® Guide 2.0; descriptions of over 20 new business analysis techniques useful in an agile environment; and key principles regarding agile business analysis.

The BABOK® Guide 2.0 offers a common framework to understand and define the practice of business analysis. It is used by over 200,000 practitioners worldwide.

The Agile Extension is designed to help the business analysis community to effectively contribute to agile development efforts while it helps agile software developers make use of business analysis skills and knowledge to deliver better, more valuable products.

Full disclosure: this reporter is a member of the team who produced the Agile Extension


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