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InfoQ Homepage News JQuery 1.7 Brings HTML5 To IE6-8, Gets Deprecation Policy

JQuery 1.7 Brings HTML5 To IE6-8, Gets Deprecation Policy

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JQuery 1.7 has recently been released, with improvements such as new Event APIs, Better performance of Delegated Events, HTML5 support for IE6-8, support for AMD spec and more. The team has also started deprecating certain features in an effort to keep JQuery slim.

Following are some of the new and interesting features in JQuery 1.7 -

  • New Unified Event APIs – .on() and .off() replace .bind(), .delegate(), .live() and .unbind(), .undelegate(), .die() respectively
  • Improved Performance on Delegated Events for most common cases
  • Better support for HTML5 tags in IE6-8 such as <section> with methods like .html(). Older IE versions still require html5shiv or Modernizer
  • Toggling animations such as .slideToggle() or .fadeToggle() work more intuitively – stacked animations get reset properly when previous animation is terminated prematurely
  • Support for AMD Specification – JQuery now co-operates with AMD-compliant script loaders such as RequireJS or curl.js

The JQuery team has also announced that they will start deprecating out-dated features to help make the code base leaner and also improve performance. Some APIs like .live() and .end() have been deprecated in JQuery 1.7 – they will continue to work, but their use is not recommended for compatibility with future versions.

Some non-standard features have been completely removed in 1.7 -

  • event.layerX or event.layerY
  • jQuery.isNaN() (undocumented utility function)
  • jQuery.event.proxy() (undocumented method)

You can read more about the new deprecation guidelines and all the features being deprecated in this blog post.

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